All of Your Outsourced Payroll Needs, Covered

MPAS Payroll acts as Revenue agent for Employer PAYE. We take the hassle out of payroll processing by doing the heavy lifting - filling employer revenue returns, setting up of new employees, obtaining new tax information for employees - for you. That also includes:

  • Registration and cessation of employees
  • Processing of fixed/variable pay and deductions per pay period
  • Regular reporting provided as per client needs
  • Payslips
  • Year-round administration
  • Zero software charges
  • Employee/Employer self-service portal
  • Employee APP
Details for Company Set-Up

Interested in outsourcing your payroll? How it works:

You provide us with details for us to register as your payroll agent with Revenue, as well as other information to help us set up your payroll.

  • Payroll Calendar - frequency of your payroll and pay days
  • Payment & Deductions - items paid and deducted while processing payroll run
  • Departments & Cost Centres - parts of your organisation that require payroll
details for employee set-up

You provide us with basic employee details so we can set up your employees correctly. New employees will be enrolled directly by us.

  • Peronal Details - name, PPSN, etc.
  • Income/Payment Details - daily/hourly rates, commissions, bonusses, etc.
  • BIK details - to determine BIK (company cars, health insurance, etc.)
  • Voluntary Deductions - unions, savings, social clubs
  • Personal Tax Credits, SRCOP, USC - issued by Revenue via our payroll software
payroll details for the pay period

Payroll Process

You provide us with information on employees' hours to be paid, adjustments, starters, leavers, etc., which allows us to run payroll calculations. Data can be collected through time sheets or via electronic clock in system. This may include:

  • Hours Worked (bsic, overtime) - hours to calculate employee's payroll and taxes
  • Miscellaneous Payments - sick payments/maternity payments, others
  • Expenses - (taxable/non-taxable) to ensure correct details have been reported for tax calculation
  • Deductions - (gross/net) regular or irregular deductions
  • Starters & Leavers - document and process new starters and leavers
Reports, payslips, payments

We provide you with payroll/cost/Revenue and other required reports. These are available 24/7 through the employer self-service portal.

  • Control Summary - company analysis of the periodic payroll information
  • Pay Analysis - payments per employee/deductions
  • Revenue Analysis - understanding what is payable to Revenue
  • Other Reports - as required
  • Payroll Journal - directly into your accounting software
  • Generation and Distribution of Payslips - available through employee/employer self-service portal and emailed to employees
  • Payments - bank file upload for electronic fund transfers, Modulr payment option, itemised report for cash/cheque payments
Month/year end procedures

End of Month/Year

We provide reconciliation of the payroll software with ROS and act as your Revenue Employer Agent.

  • Monthly ROS returns
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • End year ROS reconciliation/returns
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