Tax obligations when employing a carer

You can hire a carer through an agency who will pay and handle PAYE , PRSI and USC as they will be the carer employer. You will not have any Employer PAYE obligations.

If you employ and pay a carer directly, you become their employer with certain payroll obligations. You must register as an employer and deduct the necessary payroll deductions as PAYE, PRSI and USC.

Payroll service for families employing  a carer or healthcare assistant.

Tax Relief

You may claim tax relief on the cost of employing a person to take care of:

  • yourself, your family, spouse or civil partner who is totally incapacitated due to physical or mental infirmity    or
  • your relative, or a relative of your spouse or civil partner, who is totally incapacitated due to physical or mental infirmity

Your relative includes any person to whom you are, or have been, a legal guardian.

Providers or agencies

Revenue also gives relief on the cost of care service providers or agencies, such as:

  • charitable or voluntary organisations
  • commercial organisations providing home care services


Our Services

We offer payroll services for carer employers. MPAS Payroll will act as your Employer Agent to allow yo to meet all statutory obligations as employer. 

MPAS Payroll services:

  • employer set up with Revenue, returns and correspondence
  • payroll run (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and employee  payslip
  • we provide you with the net amount payable to carer/employee
  • employee/employer self service portal available 24/7
  • employee APP
  • Direct Debit set up for Revenue deduction payments


MPAS Payroll, Your outsourced Payroll Provider

MPAS Payroll is outsourced payroll provider, serving any size or industry organisations throughout Ireland. Letterkenny, Donegal, Castlebar, Clifden, Roscommon or Athlone?  We provide Payroll Services regardless of your location. Contact us for your payroll quote.

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